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Republic Act No. 11934 mandates all SIM users, both existing and new, to register their SIMs with their current Telcos.

The SIM Registration Law aims to protect users from any SIM, Internet or Electronic communication aided crimes such as, but not limited to terrorism, text scams, unsolicited, indecent or obscene messages, bank fraud, libel, anonymous online defamation, trolling, hate speech and spread of digital disinformation or fake news.

As mandated by law, starting December 27, 2022, all existing subscribers are required to register their SIM with their current Telco Provider within the prescribed period provided by law. Failure to register the existing SIM within the period prescribed shall result in the automatic deactivation of the SIM.

Newly purchased SIMs are also required by law to be registered first before your telco provider can activate your SIM.

a. New and Existing Enterprise Subscribers

i. For existing Enterprise Postpaid, Broadband and IOT SIMs, the submitted documents and service application forms or contracts by the authorized signatory of the company or the enterprise extension subscriber will serve as basis for their SIM Registration. To ensure successful registration, any additional information required by the law must be submitted by the authorized signatory of the company or the enterprise extension subscriber within the prescribed period.

ii. New Enterprise Postpaid, Broadband and IOT subscribers must go through the standard service application process to ensure registration of their SIM prior to activation.

b. New and existing subscribers of Consumer Prepaid and Postpaid

i. Existing Prepaid subscribers should register their SIMs based on the allowable period provided by the Law. For existing Postpaid subscribers, their previously submitted documents and fully signed Subscriber Application Form will serve as their SIM registration.

ii. Newly bought Prepaid SIMs should be registered first before the Telco provider activates them. For new Postpaid subscribers, their fully signed and accomplished Subscriber Application Form and submitted documents will serve as their SIM registration.

a. For Existing Subscribers

i. For Enterprise Postpaid, Broadband, IOT subscribers, the authorized signatory must respond to the email sent by Smart requesting to confirm the registration information stated in the Service Application Form and Contracts. Authorized Signatory must confirm the Mobile Numbers to be registered under their Account in the SIM register.

Additional required information and updated valid documents may be requested by the SMART from Authorized Signatory.

ii. For Postpaid & Broadband Enterprise Extension. Smart will send an email to subscribers requesting confirmation to register the current information from the provided documents.

b. For New Clients, a Service Application Form or signed contract and other required documents must be submitted in order to process their application and initiate SIM registration.

For Prepaid SIMs that are Load Recipients of Enterprise Customers using Bizload platform, the individual prepaid subscribers may refer to the consumer prepaid SIM registration procedures.

a. For Enterprise or Corporate customers, the following information, together with other required supporting documents submitted by the authorized signatory to process SIM Registration

  • Registered Business Name
  • Full name of Authorized Signatory
  • Business Address

b. For Enterprise Extension customers, following information will be taken from documents submitted by the subscriber to process SIM Registration as required by law:

  • Mobile Number with Serial Number or ICCID (provided by SMART)
  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Complete Address
  • Sex
  • Upload Gov’t Valid ID (please see below list of valid IDs)
  • Digital Photo of Subscriber on Record

Smart may reach out to an existing Enterprise Extension subscriber in cases where additional information is required by law.


Under the Law, Acceptable Valid IDs or any similar form of documents with photo that will verify the identity of the end-users include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Passport;
  • Philippine Identification;
  • Social Security System ID;
  • Government Service Insurance System E-Card;
  • Driver’s License;
  • National Bureau of Investigation Clearance;
  • Police Clearance;
  • Firearms’ License to Own and Posses ID;
  • Professional Regulation Commission ID;
  • Integrated Bar of the Philippines ID;
  • Overseas Workers Welfare Administration ID;
  • Bureau of Internal Revenue ID;
  • Voter’s ID;
  • Senior Citizen’s Card;
  • Unified Multi-purpose Identification Card;
  • Person with Disabilities Card; or
  • Other valid government-issued ID with Photo

Yes. The standard Enterprise application requirements and documents for foreign authorized signatories still apply.

SIM Registration is free of charge to all consumer and enterprise customers. This applies to both existing and new subscribers.

The assigned SIMS will be deactivated and Smart will be updating its records to indicate that the Enterprise customer is no longer the owner of the registered SIMs.

a. Yes. The company's authorized signatory may request for a change in ownership of a SIM registered under an Enterprise client or company. A notice or request must be sent to the Smart Enterprise relationship manager assigned to the company in order to process the change in ownership.

b. The new owner must go through the standard application process in order to transfer SIM ownership and registration to the new owner.

For stolen or lost SIMs, the Corporate Assignee or End-User is required to immediately call the Smart Corporate Hotline nos. #888 (via mobile) or (02) 8 8488889 (via landline) to temporarily bar the outgoing services.

Assignee must likewise report to the Company to prompt Authorized Signatory to request for SIM replacement. Once the SIM is replaced, the service will be activated with the same Mobile number.

Note: Selling of Stolen SIMs is prohibited under the law.

Do you want to know more about the Sim Card Registration?

If I have questions or need assistance regarding SIM Registration on my Enterprise SIM, how do I contact SMART?

For more inquiries , you may call our 24/7 Corporate Hotline numbers at #888 (via mobile) or (02) 8 8488889 (via landline).

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