How we can make cloud work for you?
Planning & Assessment
Infrastructure and application for Cloud readiness
Migration & Onboarding
Building and moving to Cloud infrastructure
Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity
Testing, DR Design, and implementation
Comprehensive Consulting
End-to-end cloud roadmap planning, design, and implementation
Adaptive tools that make cloud work with you
Deploy your workloads regionally or in-country on Azure, the platform that delivers a consistent, connected, and easy-to-manage experience, fit for your multi-cloud strategy.
Innovate your business by utilizing a wide array of cloud solutions provided by the most extensive, reliable, and secure global cloud infrastructure.
Disaster Recovery as a Service
Future-proof your business by eliminating the risk of data loss and/or data corruption through ePLDT’s cloud-based back-up and recovery solutions.
Professional Services

Introduce Cloud-based productivity and collaboration to your organization with our range of Cloud-based infrastructures and platforms.


Infrastructure as a Service

Choose from a selection of cloud computing platforms to meet the demands of your workloads.

What is the EDGE of your business with CLOUD?



Work with the experience drivers of today


Work and integrate with the latest digital technology powered by Cloud


Scale seamlessly without the constraints of traditional platforms with Cloud


Scale seamlessly without the constraints of traditional platforms with Cloud

Let’s find the right Cloud Solution to manage your workloads.
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