Microsoft 365 Business Basic is what businesses need to manage work to enable flexible workstyles. Users can share files with OneDrive or SharePoint. The organization can get a powerful enterprise grade email system that is accessible from all devices and across all platforms, web, mobile and any device. The hero platform inside the package is Microsoft Teams which is the one hub for business and empowers teams to collaborate anytime, anywhere. Take advantage of the rich functionalities and seamless integration with embedded enterprise email and collaboration security. Now you are ready to run your business anywhere.

Features and Benefits of Microsoft 365 Business Basic
Collaborate efficiently

Chat, call, meet up to 300 attendees


Access your Office apps on both Web and mobile versions

Cloud Storage

Employees can access up to 1TB of cloud storage

Standard Security

Create and manage a database of load recipients in your account

Business-class email

Customize emails specific to your company. Send birthday greetings

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Microsoft Business Basic cuts across all industries to address need for business class email, reliable and secure cloud storage, seamlessly integrated collaboration and communication tools and access to online Microsoft Office apps.

Happy Skin's Digital Makeover through ePLDT's Microsoft Office 365

Watch how ePLDT's Microsoftt Outlook improved internal collaboration and boost the productivity of Happy Skin.
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