Boost your multi-site businesses with a reliable Wide Area Networking Solution

A fully-meshed private networking solution that provides reliable and secure WAN connectivity to link geographically dispersed sites using cost-effective IP-based connectivity. It has Layer 3 VPN service based on Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) technology which enables packets of information to be transmitted securely across a network.

Benefits of IP VPN


Experience muti-point to multi-point meshed topology

Wide Bandwidth Spectrum

Get access to a wide bandwidth spectrum available in 2Mbps to 100Gbps

Diverse Configuration

Meet your enterprise's needs within your budget with IP VPN's variety of access and diversity configurations

Top-notch Class of Service

Enjoy real-time, business-critical, and best-effort class of service

Reliable Expertise and Experience

Boost your multi-site business with our support team's Expert Certifications and solid MPLS expertise that covers various technology brands

Choose the plan that suits your business needs


An IP VPN service that is delivered through PLDT's pervasive and highly scalable fiber optics network

Class of Service
  •   Real-time
  •   Business-Critical
  •   Best-Effort

Available in

2Mbps to 10G



An IP VPN service that makes use of DSL access to connect your branch to PLDT's IP Network.

Class of Service
  •   Best-Effort

Available in

2Mbps to 100Mbps


Wireless VPN

An IPVPN service designed to meet the IP VPN requirements of customers located in areas where fixed facilities are scarce or unavailable.

Class of Service
  •   Best-Effort

Available in

64k to 200Mbps



Hybrid WAN

IPVPN Auto-Failover

A simplified and cost-effective wireless WAN failover solution using SMART 2G/3G/LTE. It can automatically provide the non-stop connectivity access that Enterprise need to conduct business efficiently when the primary goes down. The automatic switching is orchestrated by a Multi-Service Wireless Router.
Hybrid WAN

Plug-and-Play VPN

The next age, secured VPN solution designed for businesses who have embraced internet-based operations and cloud-based applications to accelerate growth through digital transformation. It is a broadband internet connection bundled with an SD-WAN device that allows small businesses to easily and securely connect their sites and manage Cloud SaaS.
Hybrid WAN

Hybrid WAN

A new approach to wide area networking solution that provides enterprises maximum control of its network. It is powered by SDN technology that offers a versatile way of transmitting data with the added benefit of rapid provisioning, flexible failover, and network intelligence. It leverages on the combined strengths of MPLS and Internet harnessed by SDWAN.

Value Added Services

Upgraded solutions to aid in user experience

Managed Router

A service with the provision of the router, initial set-up, hardware maintenance, software maintenance, minor configuration changes, and analysis and rectification of faults

Network Live

A network performance monitoring tool that can illuminate the intricate connections between network performance and business application performance

Managed Service Desk

A dedicated single-point-of-contact service desk that handles the orchestration and fulfillment of Wide Area Networks related to after-sales concerns

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