Connect your enterprise sites, clouds and data centers reliably and securely around the globe. 

PLDT International IP Virtual Private Network (IP VPN) is a fully managed, converged IP solution for data, voice, video, and multimedia applications supported over a single IP-based platform. PLDT International IP VPN offers real-time, end-to-end global managed network and transport services – ensuring service objectives are met, and scales IT resources for core business functions are enabled.

Stay Globally Connected

Increased Application Performance

Critical applications are prioritized with end-to-end classes of service

Various Protection Options


Allows for real-time performance visibility using robust diagnostic tools

Flexible deployment


Provides network control while lowering the total cost of ownership

End-to-end Connectivity

Comprehensive end-to-end SLA & 24/7 support

covering activation, availability, transit delay, packet loss, jitter and mean time to restoration.

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