SMS Blasting for Enterprise

Smart Messaging Suite is an Application-to-Peer (A2P) messaging platform built for enterprise clients’ communication needs. It enables you to send high-volume SMS through an easy-to-use online account or via API or SFTP integration. You can use your company or brand as sender name to send advisories, marketing campaigns, one-time passwords, payment reminders and transactional notifications.

User Interface (UI)

Ready-to-use, web-based portal

Application Programming Interface (API)

Allows you to integrate directly with Smart Messaging Suite’s system

Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)

Allows you to use Smart’s bulk messaging service by sending a text file to Smart Messaging Suite’s IP

Core Features

Company Sender ID

  • Make your messages official by having your company/brand/campaign name as the sender name

Real-time Messaging

  • Send messages in real-time or schedule SMS broadcasts for later

Two-Way Messaging

  • Enable recipients to reply
  • Initiate inbound mobile conversations with smart, system-generated responses


  • Keep track of your messaging activity with an online dashboard and downloadable reports

Additional Features

Validity of SMS

Determine how long the portal will attempt to send an SMS message

Priority Sending

Prioritize SMS delivery for certain groups


Easily tailor the content of your message specific to your target customer

Online Help

Refer to this built-in user guide to learn how to manage the portal

Business Applications

Deliver one-time SMS passwords to verify user identity upon login.

One-Time PIN Authenticator adds an additional layer of security to online transactions without the logistical overheads of security tokens or additional hardware appliances.


User logs in by entering his username and password.
Access server generates a unique, temporary password.
Password is sent to the user’s mobile device via SMS.
User enters password to confirm his identity.

Create dynamic SMS campaigns capable of handling high-volume inbound and outbound messaging.

Campaign Manager is a proven inbound mobile messaging technology that enables full two-way interactive SMS conversations. It uses keywords to ensure the success of inbound mobile messaging campaigns with comprehensive campaign creation, automation and management tools.


  1. 1
    A user sends a message via SMS to your access code.
  2. 2
    Campaign Manager deciphers which automatic workflow actions are relevant to the message you received. Actions may include:
    • Replying to the sender with a specific message
    • Forwarding or copying the message to a group or list
    • Adding/removing the sender to a group or list
    • Forwarding the message to email, another mobile device, or server
  3. 3
    Campaign Manager handles the SMS by performing your pre-configured actions. It will also:
    • Search the message for keywords
    • Make any additional actions based on keywords it finds

Monitor and measure your SMS campaign’s performance with an advanced reporting module.

Reports+ enables you to run historical and performance reports.
Take advantage of performance tracking analytics that include message reports based on date, time, and destination.


  1. Filter real-time usage and performance details based on:
    • Roles (e.g. internal manager, employee, customer)
    • Message Type (SMS, MMS, email)
    • Message Status (number sent, received, failed, bounced, replied)
    • Specific Date Range
    • List Status (opted in, opted out, all)
    • Additional parameters such as name, order name, cost center, address or mobile number


Standard Packages

For Domestic SMS Traffic Only

Monthly Service Fee (MSF) 250 1,500 5,000 10,000 25,000 50,000 100,000 250,000
SMS Allocation 1,000 5,000 20,000 41,677 108,696 227,273 476,190 1,250,000
SMS sent to SMART 0.40 0.25 0.25 0.24 0.23 0.22 0.21 0.20
SMS sent to other networks 0.40 0.25 0.25 0.24 0.23 0.22 0.21 0.20
Bundled in apps

Reports+ Reports+ Reports+ Reports+ Reports+
Campaign Manager
Campaign Manager
  • SMS is charged for every 160 characters. For messages exceeding 160 characters, SMS will be charged for every 153 characters including the first part. It can reach up to 9 parts but will appear as one message on the subscriber’s phone.
  • Rates when user is replying is P1.00/reply message.
  • 12-month contract period.
  • All plans are inclusive of ONE(1) FREE Standard Access Code and ONE (1) FREE Standard Long Code
  • Monthly Service Fee inclusive of 12% VAT and FCA.
  • Plans and pricing are standard and immutable
  • Rate for sending outbound international SMS is P4.00/SMS
  • Rate for sending classified premium/international A2P SMS is P1.44/SMS
  • No device bundling

Premium Business Application Bundles

One-Time PIN Authenticator

Campaign Manager & Inbound+


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