IoT Market Projection
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Keep with the times and embrace new technologies as more and more telcos and large enterprises digitally transform their business. With Global Data’s IoT Market Projection Valuation in the Philippines set at $4.7B at 42.37% CAGR and 46% of 158 ASEAN enterprises implementing managed IoT services from 2021-2025, cloud computing will soon be the preferred option to address IT challenges.

IoT for Connectivity

Ensure business efficiently and monitor your operations with your smart devices.

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The first in the Philippines, PLDT and Smart brings you a platform that will empower both consumers and businesses, revolutionizing the way we all live and work - a milestone for the PLDT Group as well as for the country.

The Internet of Possibilities – this breakthrough all-in-one platform opens up new horizons of opportunities where technology meets human capability.

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This product features traditional two-way radio with the flexibility, effectiveness and cost efficiency of a Cloud-based service that emulates professional walkie-talkie communications from smartphones.

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What do you get from the IoT Cloud?
Streamline your data storage, analysis, and overview with the cloud’s on-demand nature and the infrastructure’s mobility of data from multiple devices into a single platform.
Easily integrate additional devices into an already-existing cloud with minimal costs and need for increased servers or hard drives for your IT needs.
Save on the consumption of paper, electricity, metal, and mined minerals found in steel servers and cables by digitally accessing data from the IoT cloud instead of an on-premise physical storage medium.
Experience seamless collaboration, increased team-work, and efficiency between different departments in your enterprise with data accessible anytime, anywhere made possible by the IoT cloud computing service.
Prevent lost and damaged data from unexpected natural disasters, man-made errors, or power outages through the IoT cloud storage.
Our Solutions

Our innovations open the door to more sustainable ways of living and an even better quality of life for all Filipinos.
Keep your businesses running from wherever you are. Our automated solutions are now at your disposal for highly optimized day to day
Our technologies reduce your cost of smart buildings while increasing your occupant’s comfort.
Through our Automated Meter Reading (AMR) solution, clients and partners can deploy low-power smart meters, actuators, and sensors, enabling them to perform essential functions at a much lower workforce and maintenance costs.
Keep things running smoothly with real-time data on the health and status of your facilities.
Internet of Things Whitepaper

Know more about the various ecosystem elements and use cases of IoT and learn how the solution can transform your business experience.

We’ve helped businesses improve with our solutions
PLDT Enterprise fuels ‘myTOYOTA Connect’ with Smart IoT eSIM solutions
PLDT Enterprise partners with Toyota Motor Philippines for the first #ConnectedCar powered by the Smart IoT eSIM.
Partnership with Things.ph
PLDT Inc, through its susidiary ePLDT, signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Things Ph to promote, develop, and help businesses gain access to an IoT ecosystem for easy deployment of IoT solutions.
Why Cloud Computing is the Foundation of the Internet of Things
Although distinctively two separate technologies, see how the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing are closely associated.
PLDT, Smart, X-Power Tech deal unlocks limitless potential with IoT Platform
PLDT is leading the industry in equipping enterprises and MSMEs with the latest in Internet of Things (IoT) technology as it powers mobile tech innovator, X-Power technology, through IOT solutions.
PLDT Enterprise, Smart, and Nokia to spark IoT revolution in PH
PLDT Enterprise, Smart, and Nokia to revolutionize PH with IoT platform
PLDT, Smart select Nokia’s WING for breakthrough IoT services
Smart IoT Platform will be the first of its kind for PH enterprises
PLDT Enterprise underscores advantages of IoT deployment in PH businesses
PLDT Enteprise highlights advantages of deploying Internet of Things (IoT) technology.
PLDT Enterprise fuels ‘myTOYOTA Connect’ with Smart IoT eSIM solutions
PLDT Enterprise partners with Toyota Motor Philippines for the first #ConnectedCar powered by the Smart IoT eSIM.
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PLDT is the ONLY integrated telco in the country that can provide customer solutions for fixed, wireless, and ICT.

We are committed towards becoming the leader in building transformative and industry-centric solutions in the Philippines in a consistent, proactive, and agile manner—to promote sustainable social and economic growth while caring for the environment.

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