Paybox Kiosk

Do you have any questions about our alternative payment channels? We have prepared this FAQs to guide you.


1. What is Paybox Kiosk?

Paybox Kiosk is a self-service payment Kiosk machine that allows PLDT and Smart customers to pay bills, pay for any sales/aftersales transactions such as vanity fees & reconnection fees and buy e-load in a safer and convenient way.


2. What are the benefits of using the Paybox Kiosk?

Paybox Kiosk lets you pay your bills safely and conveniently. Here are more reasons why you should pay your bill through this kiosk:
  • Fast and secure - No need to wait in line, cash and credit card are accepted. Payments are posted near real-time.
  • Self Service - Contactless payment, you can do your transactions without the need of person-to-person interaction.


3. Where are the Paybox Kiosks located?

The Paybox Kiosk machines are now available at the following PLDT Sales and Service Centers and Smart Stores:

You may book an appointment and pay at these PLDT Sales and Service Centers & Smart Stores here

4. What are the modes of payment accepted?

Paybox Kiosk accepts the following payment methods:
  • Cash
  • Credit or Debit Card
  • QR code payment
  • Virtual Change


5. Can I pay my bills through different modes of payment?

Yes, you can choose two (2) modes of payment at most for each payment transaction.Just choose your first payment method and enter the amount you wish to pay. You can then add a second payment method and enter the remaining amount you wish to pay.


6. What is Virtual Change?

If you pay your bill through cash and inserted a greater amount than the payment amount, your change will be in a form of a QR code printed on your receipt. This QR code on your receipt is the Virtual Change which you can use on your next bill payment only through the Paybox Kiosk and has no expiration date.

QR code can be used for cash-in/add money to PayMaya account of customers as well.


7. Can the Paybox Kiosk detect counterfeit bills?

Yes, Paybox Kiosk has a direct counterfeit detector and it may prevent you when you try to pay with a counterfeit/doubtful bill.

In the event that any cash collected in the Paybox Kiosk is detected as a counterfeit / doubtful bill, the Vendor is accountable when they remit to any authorized banks. 


8. Will I receive a payment acknowledgement?

Yes, a printed receipt is issued after every payment transaction. You also have an option to receive a payment receipt through SMS.


9. How do I report if I encounter issues when paying through the Paybox Kiosk?

Paybox Kiosk is powered by MultiSys. You may reach out to them through the following channels:
  • Email at
  • Call via mobile: 0919-088-8888
  • Call via landline: +63 (2) 8805-1066 OR +63 (2) 8835-9697


10. Where can I pay my Check payment?

For check payment, please pay though alternative payment channels like Banks and Bayad centers. You may view the Enterprise Payment Channels via the following links:


11. Where can I submit my Tax Certificates

Submit your Withholding Tax Certificate together with details and proof of payment to the following email address:


PLDT and Smart Paybox Kiosks

Secure, adaptable, and convenient! Safely pay your bills with contactless payment options through the Paybox Kiosks located in selected locations of PLDT-Smart Sales and Service Centers.

Pay your PLDT Bills via Paybox Kiosk

Pay your Smart Bills via Paybox Kiosks

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