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PLDT Enterprise brings in distinguished leaders and experts from different industries — such as retail, manufacturing, banking and finance, BPO, healthcare, and more — to #ONEwithYOU, a series of virtual industry forums.  The online platform aims to deepen discussions on how businesses can thrive amidst the crisis  and effectively shift towards the new normal—showcasing the business continuity applied by different enterprises.


Industry experts from the Asia Pacific region gathered to share their companies’ strategies to adapt the new normal for businesses.
Leaders of top international brands in the United States discussed the different impacts of the new normal to business – regardless of size.
How will the academe utilize digital platforms for learning modules while maintaining quality education and practices for students and teachers?
Retail industry experts are imploring different digital solutions to shift their businesses towards online and off-site retail experience.

Manufacturing companies are looking into digital transformation to sustain operations regardless of the situation.

As part of essential services, how did the banking and finance industry ensure efficient and safe transactions online?
Notable business names in the Visayas Region share their experiences in mitigating the effects of COVID-19.
What are the efforts of the public sector in providing seamless services to Filipinos through the use of technology?
Taking the biggest hit during the pandemic, how  did  the travel and tourism industry cope up with the unprecedented  situation and  plan to move forward?
With thousands of manpower involved, how did BPO companies  adapt to the work from home requirements and enable their employees to sustain operations remotely?

How technologically equipped are the heath care systems in Philippines when tested by crisis such as COVID-19? Digital solutions help alleviate the impact and ease transactions through unified platforms for medical response teams and staff.
Listen as e-commerce companies discuss how they elevated their daily operations and digital platforms to make online and contact-less transactions easier and more efficient.
PLDT Enterprise
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