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Work from Home

Stay productive wherever, whenever.

Continue business communications, team collaborations, and transactions while in the comfort of your home with business-grade solutions. Manage how you do work amidst uncontrollable and unforeseen scenarios to ensure that your business runs efficiently. 

Stay Connected

Business-grade connectivity for your alternative office or business continuity site via PLDT Fiber or Smart's LTE technology.

Choose from these connectivity solutions the connection available to your employee and your budget.

Treat your remote work place like an extension of the office with an affordable business-grade fixed-line internet and voice bundle that runs on the Philippines' fastest fixed network as hailed by Ookla in 2018 and 2019. Ensure an effective work from home set-up with seamless and reliable connectivity.
Continue running your business anywhere with a connectivity that you can rely on. Awarded as the fastest mobile internet in the Philippines last 2019 by Ookla, Smart Bro is here to help you access business critical applications and making sure you stay connected when it matters the most.

Hassle-free prepaid load management and distribution. Load your employees quickly and efficiently with a secure, easy-to-use web-based prepaid loading platform for Smart & TNT services. Ideal for flexible business continuity mandates. 

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Communicate Seamlessly

Utilize your on-the-go landline services through your preferred device—laptop, mobile, and IP phone.  Blast texts in large quantities with just one click and bring in the best mobile plans for your employees to streamline communication for your business.

Upgrade your communications or mirror your office set up at home with these solutions.

Communicate efficiently with your employees and clients with this cloud-based unified communications service.

Bridge meaningful business connections through seamless mobile connectivity that offers non-stop surf, unlimited all-net calls and texts.

Send high-volume SMS to your customers even at home  through an easy-to-use online interface or via API integration to your existing application.

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Collaborate remotely

Stay productive wherever, whenever. Host online meetings and collaborate efficiently. 

Stay productive while working remotely with these solutions.

Remain business-ready even while working from home. Enjoy access to Webex Meetings, Events, and Training Centers and conduct HD sessions with up to 1000 attendees.

A unified communication and collaboration platform that allows you to chat, hold full meetings, share files with your employees.
Level up your collaboration capabilities while working from home with Google Meet’s enterprise-grade security. Stream events to 100k viewers and document meetings through its record and save functions—with up to 1TB drive storage.

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Why implement 

One of these factors may influence your remote working implementation.

Business Continuity

Mitigate impact of extreme events to operations such as pandemics, disasters and weather disturbances

Less Unsafe Commutes

Both day and night shift employees can commute easily and safely

Improved Behavior

Lessen rental and space budget of your business.

Overhead Reductions

With less commute stress and more flexible work environment, employees can focus better with tasks at hand

Improved Retention and Attraction

Cultivate a better work schedule and environment in your company for better employee retention and increase desirability for applicants.

Want to know how to allow your agents to address your customers' needs?

Continuity of Operations

Enable agents to work from home with full contact center capabilities.

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