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Fiber is better than DSL because it can reach bandwidth speeds higher than what DSL connections can provide. At the same time, fiber also offers a more resilient connection since it’s not prone to interference that lower the network’s signal quality.

In terms of service reliability, DSL provides a minimum of 10% of the subscribed speed at 80% reliability while regular fiber provides a minimum of 30% of the subscribed speed at 80% reliability. But surpassing DSL and even regular fiber internet, BEYOND FIBER gives a boosted minimum speed of 90% of the subscribed speed at 90% reliability, PLDT Enterprise’s highest service reliability exclusive to BEYOND FIBER.

You may check if your area is Fiber-ready through this link: Fiber-ready areas

BEYOND FIBER redefines business-grade internet. It is the only broadband service that delivers the 90-90 Advantage to ensure a connection that’s more resilient and consistent for businesses of all sizes.

BEYOND FIBER's 90-90 Advantage gives a minimum of 90% of the subscribed speed at 90% reliability versus regular fiber that only delivers a minimum speed of 30% of the subscribed speed at 80% reliability. Have a resilient and reliable fiber connection even during peak work hours for smooth video calls, better access to business applications, and constant customer engagement. Be online when you need it the most.

BEYOND FIBER comes with a Cisco Meraki router. PLDT Enterprise partnered with Cisco, a global leader in cloud managed networking and simplified IT for the modern workplace. No need for additional cost or IT expertise. The Cisco Meraki router is managed remotely and updated automatically via the cloud by PLDT Enterprise, giving the best and hassle-free wi-fi experience.

BEYOND FIBER comes with an enterprise-grade wi-fi router, powered by Cisco Meraki, with 2 Wi-Fi networks readily available— one for work and one for guests. Optimize your bandwidth for work related tasks. Prioritize work-related devices such as POS, CCTVs, Laptops on your work wi-fi that blocks non-work-related apps. Give a better customer experience while protecting your data by having a separate wi-fi for your guest users to access contactless health declaration and digital menus, without giving away your password.

Yes. If you are an existing customer, you can upgrade to Beyond Fiber. Just contact your Relationship Manager to know.

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