Because usage insights are easily accessible, property managers and owners can reduce usage in specific problem areas.
It lets properties predict consumption and detect any atypical trends such as fraud, power outages, and water leaks, helping quickly address them.
An AMR solution offers minimal downtime and maintenance costs because of the system’s low power operation and increased efficiency.
It allows property managers and owners to wirelessly measure usage data in dense urban environments (even indoors and underground).
Since instant alerts can be enabled with an AMR solution, properties can monitor tampering and possible security breaches.
Prevent lost and damaged data from unexpected nature disasters and man-made events. AMR solution detects problems before they worsen, preventing unnecessary waste and allowing a quick ROI and savings on monthly bill errors or power outages through the IoT cloud storage.
Why Invest in our Automated Meter Reading Solution?
Data-Powered Operational Efficiency

Our solution records devices for easy billing and accessible usage data. This will allow you to detect any issues and promptly address aging equipment, faulty infrastructures, and other problems. A comprehensive data dashboard will help you identify specific improvement areas to save more on consumption.

Property Experience and Value Enhancement

A remote metering solution is a great investment to improve the environmental quality of your property. You can now skip complicated and expensive AMR installations and provide your occupants with better comfort and living or work productivity.

Revenue Optimization

Because of its low power operation, an AMR solution will reduce your operating and maintenance costs. This results in a quick ROI and an enhanced property value for you.

Smart Utilities



Cloud Hosted Platform


Cloud Connect

Cloud Connect

IOT Platforms

(on premise/ cloud/ mobile)

How It Works

The devices installed within Smart Utilities will continuously upload data to our Cloud Platform using recommended connectivity solutions, which in turn feeds that data for visualization, monitoring and analytics using the IoT Platform.

The transmission of data is near instant, allowing you to make executive decisions in real-time based on the information delivered by these sensors.

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