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8-Digit Migration


What is 8-Digit Migration all about?
Prompted by National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) memorandum order No. 10 – 10 – 2017 dated last October 2017,  telecommunication operators are required to expand 7-digit telephone number with “02” area code in  Metro Manila, Rizal Province, San Pedro, Laguna and Bacoor, Cavite to an 8-digit format. In this memorandum, NTC assigned a PTE (Public Telephone Entity) identified per telecommunication operator. For PLDT, this assigned number is “8”. (ie: (02)85358899

What are the PTE identifiers?
NTC assigned a PTE identified for telecommunication operators as an additional prefix in expanding from 7-digits to 8-digits which enables a uniform process for the expansion of 7-digit numbers to 8 digits.

See table for PTE identifier assignment.

What PLDT services will be affected?
All Voice services with “02” area code such as Direct Lines, Trunk Lines, PLDT Landline Plus (PLP), Call All, FEX Lines, ISDN, SIP Trunks and Vanity Numbers. Other services may also be affected, such as virtual numbers with short-digit numbers; 7-digit terminating Toll-Free numbers (domestic, international and universal), #MyNumber and Premium numbers such as embassy hotline and 1900 service hotline.

What will happen to 5-digit number format? Will it be possible to retain the existing number format?
All 5-digit hotline numbers will be extended to an 8-digit format.  
Example: (02) 8-7000 will become (02) 8870 0000

Enterprise customers may also avail PLDT’s #MyNumber service to have a customized calling number. Please reach out to your Relationship Managers if you're an Enterprise customer and interested in this service.
Example: (02) 8-7000 will become #87000

When is the migration to 8-digit  going to happen?
As agreed with the NTC, the migration is scheduled to happen on October 6, 2019 from 12:00 MN to 5:00 AM.

What will happen during the migration to 8-digit?
On October 6, 2019 between 12:00 MN to 5:00 AM, there will be a 10-second service interruption nationwide to allow the PLDT network to migrate to the 8-digit format.

What will happen after the migration to 8-digit?
All 7-digit telephone numbers with “02” area code are migrated to an 8-digit telephone number.

For a period of three (3) months after the migration from October 6, 2019 to January 6, 2020, customer who still dial the old 7-digit number will be able to hear a recorded message advising the change to an 8-digit format and  the customer needs to re-dial using the new 8-digit number immediately after.

What will happen if caller still dial the 7-digit number format once the 3-month recorded message is over?
Callers who will still dial the 7-digit number format will hear this recording:  “The number you have dialed is not yet in service”.

For Enterprise customers, you may call PLDT Enterprise Hotline 177 or email us at to inquire about the correct dialing format.

What is the dialing format for callers in the provinces?
Callwes outside of GMM can dial (0) + Area Code (2) + 8-digit landline number

What will happen if someone from another country calls the 7-digit format after October 6, 2019?
The caller will be routed to a recorded message, instructing the new landline number format. This will be played for three (3) months.
Example: Dial (00) + Country Code (63) + Area Code (2) + 8-digit landline number

What will happen to my existing non “02” 7-digit telephone number ?
There will be no changes to non “02” 7-digit telephone number.

Will there be changes on the PABX system when the 8-digit format is implemented?
Yes, there is minimal configuration that needs to be done. Enterprise customers may inquire to their assigned PLDT Relationship Managers for the detailed generic PABX configuration guidelines.
Failure to configure the PABX system will prolong the service interruption.

What will happen to Point of Sale (POS) machines with 7-digit PLDT landline number?
POS machines with 7-digit PLDT landline number shall follow the new number format.

What if the POS machines cannot be configured to an 8-digit format within the scheduled migration?
PLDT Relationship Managers are instructed to get the 7-digit telephone number that is enclosed to enterprise customer’s POS machines.

For further concerns regarding POS machines, enterprise customers may directly contact their assigned PLDT Relationship Managers.

For merchants with POS machines, you may directly contact your POS or Bank provider.

Can a customer request to get the 8-digit number in advance?
8-digit telephone numbers shall only become available after the migration.

Why is this being applied to 7-digit telephone numbers with “02” area code only?
Customers may refer to the NTC Memorandum Order 10-10-2017 where it explains that “It is to ensure the efficient use of identifiers and to effect minimal disruption of services in the implementation of exchange codes." Click here for the NTC Memorandum link.

When will it expand to the provinces?
To date, expansion will only happen in Metro Manila. No further direction to expand other area codes. Customers may directly inquire to NTC as the proper agency which has jurisdiction and can best handle such concern. You may visit the NTC Website here for more information or contact them these channels.

Telephone numbers: (02) 924 4464 / 926 7722 / 921 3251
Email: /

How can PLDT customers make calls during the migration?
For important calls during the migration, customers are encouraged to make use of other available means of communications.

Is there a workaround or an alternative solution for PLDT customers to avoid downtime?
The 10-second service interruption during the 8-digit migration is mandatory for all PLDT subscribers.

Where can the customers file a complaint if they don’t agree to the NTC memorandum order regarding 8-digit?
For complaints regarding the 8-digit migration, customers are advised to go directly to NTC. Customers may lodge the complaint to NTC as the proper agency which has jurisdiction and can best handle such concern. You may visit the NTC Website here for more information or contact them these channels.

Telephone numbers: (02) 924 4464 / 926 7722 / 921 3251
Email: /

Should you have further inquiries, please do not hesitate to reach out to the following by emailing us at or reaching out to your assigned Relationship Manager.

We thank you for your continued trust and patronage as we further enhance our services. Rest assured, we will do all that we can to ensure that your transition will be as seamless as possible.

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