PLDT lifts PH internet speeds as Ookla ‘undisputed’ fastest in the country

Global benchmarking company Ookla® recognized PLDT as the fastest Internet service provider for five consecutive years.

 • May 08, 2023

Left to right: Marc Roxas, PLDT Enterprise Assistant Vice President and Category Head for Enterprise Internet and Digital Solutions; Vic Tria, PLDT Enterprise First Vice President and Head of Enterprise Revenue Group for Domestic Enterprises and Public Sector Vic Tria; Edith Gomez-Cudiamat, PLDT Enterprise Vice President and Head for Enterprise and International Business Solutions - FIXED; Mitch Locsin, PLDT and Smart First Vice President & Head of Enterprise & International Business Groups; Luke Deryckx, Ookla CTO; Alfredo Panlilio, PLDT and Smart President and CEO; Jeremiah de la Cruz, PLDT Senior Vice President - Head of Home Business Group; Kuljeet Randhawa, Ookla Senior Vice President and Global Head of Sales and Enterprise Services; Alex Caeg, PLDT Senior Vice President and Head of Consumer Sales Group; Roderick Santiago, PLDT and Smart Network Head; Chet Alviz, PLDT Enterprise Vice President and Head of Wireless Product Management & Marketing; and Rachel Tablante, PLDT Enterprise Head of Brand Strategy.

The Philippines’ leading fully integrated telco service provider PLDT raised the country’s ranking in internet speeds in Southeast Asia after the telco was once again recognized for having the fastest internet speeds among local internet service providers, by global benchmarking company Ookla®.

PLDT’s ‘undisputed’ five-peat or five consecutive years’ win affirms the group’s aggressive drive to lift the quality of customer experience for faster delivery of digital services for its home customers and enabling the digital transformation of businesses and SMEs.

“We want to thank Ookla as this recognition affirms our commitment to not only help improve the lives of more Filipinos, but to further advance the Philippines as competitive and ideal business transit hub for global partners,” shared PLDT and Smart President and CEO Alfredo Panlilio during the Ookla awarding ceremony for PLDT.

Priming the country as the next hyperscaler destination in Asia, PLDT’s contribution to building the network connectivity infrastructure has greatly improved the Philippines’ internet speeds, placing it among the top five in Southeast Asia alongside Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

“This feat was made possible by the hardworking people on the ground and the funding resources from PLDT to achieve its goals in providing the fastest quality broadband in the country, for our customers, and industries that depend heavily on reliable connectivity,” said PLDT and Smart First Vice President and Head of Enterprise and International Business Groups Mitch Locsin.

The PLDT Group has been actively working with multiple government agencies to help attract global multinationals and large-scale hyperscalers looking to expand their operations. The Group continues to significantly expand its data center operations, which includes 10 VITRO hyperscaler facilities and the 11th to be inaugurated next year and complementing its more than 1 million fiber optic footprint - unparalleled among local telcos.

“There are a lot of components that enable our network to deliver the best quality service to our customers, including our investments in multiple subsea international cables, the addition of resiliency and capacities in our domestic fiber loops, and delivering the last-mile fiber connectivity to homes and businesses,” Locsin added.

Currently, PLDT is the only telco in the Philippines that has ever achieved a five-peat for the highest award from Ookla, where only a handful of internet service providers have achieved the milestone of winning five consecutive years worldwide. PLDT remains to be the only telco in the Philippines that can deliver the fastest fiber-optic speeds of up to 10Gbps. This groundbreaking move has placed the Philippines alongside first-world nations in terms of ultra-fast internet speeds including South Korea, Japan, New Zealand, and USA.

PLDT and Smart First Vice President and Head of Enterprise and International Business Groups Mitch Locsin during the Ookla awarding ceremony.
PLDT Enterprise
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