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Resiliency Amidst Challenging Times

The business landscape across the world has been profoundly affected by the pandemic which pushed organizations to find innovative ways to survive.

Despite the challenges, the results have been inspiring with organizations are reinventing business models, retailers are shifting to online platforms, and businesses are accelerating their digital transformation. Filipino entrepreneurs remained optimistic as they find new ways in which they can reinvent themselves.

This year’s MVP Bossing campaign takes on a digital format and aims to convey a message of hope by highlighting the stories of resiliency of previous MVP Bossing awardees and new aspiring MVP Bossings. This campaign brings forth a message to inspire businesses – both large and small – to rise above the challenges, rediscover new opportunities, and to reinvent business models.




Past MVP Bossing Awardee Bobby Claudio highlights the digital shift of their retail store chain to continue to support the fitness and wellness requirements of Filipinos to stay healthy at home.
Dr. Carl Balita details the impact of the pandemic to the academe and the e-Learning journey of CBRC to continue providing education to those who strives to reach their dreams.
Aspiring Bossing Teng De Castro shows his unwavering dedication and commitment to both his customers and employees amidst the challenging landscape that halted his business.
Aspiring Bossing Glenda Victorio shares her personal experiences during the pandemic to inspire other entrepreneurs to turn challenges into opportunities and become better business leaders for their employees and customers.
Past MVP Bossing Louie Ocampo Gutierrez reveals his newly found passion for sustainable urban gardening and how he embarked on his rediscovery and reinvention experience.
Past MVP Bossing Margarita Fores proves that the value of commitment is vital in every business to continuously provide work to employees and to serve customers despite the challenging situation.
Aspiring MVP Bossing Avin Ong recounts the journey of Macao Imperial Tea in transforming and being available online to satisfy the cravings of its customers amidst the lockdown.


Staying true to the brand or business’ identity and ensuring the delivery of its service promise

Facing change and disruption with a bold outlook by integrating technology to steer the business towards digital transformation
Providing unparalleled and consistent service geared towards the fulfillment of customers’ needs



History of MVP Bossing

MVP Bossing Awards is a semi-annual event that started in 2009 with the goal to celebrate the most accomplished entrepreneurs — highlighting their inspiring stories, their beginnings, their successes, and showcasing how they navigated the constantly shifting business and economic landscape in the Philippines.




Mary Grace Dimacali started Mary Grace Café from her own home. The stay-at-home wife and mom behind the venture started by baking and selling pastries to friends before putting up the cafe. Her success is proof that a mom can make it.
Jam Acuzar was named the sole recipient of the Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility Award at the 2018 MVP Bossing Awards. In 2013, she put up Bellas Artes Projects, a non-profit organization that supports and promotes the production of contemporary artists through residencies on its campus at the Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar.
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