SM Bulk Upload Facility

Bulk Upload (BUP) Facility is already available in over 600 SM Bills Pay counters inside SM Supermalls, SM Supermarkets, SM Hypermarkets & SM Savemore outlets nationwide. This new service completes the transaction in seconds. It is fast, convenient, and easy, regardless of the number of accounts you wish to settle.


1.Email the list of accounts to at least 24-hours before the intended date of transaction. SM accepts requests from Mondays to Fridays, 9:00 am till 5:00 pm

**Note: Billing Account Numbers should be in minimum of 10 to qualify for BUP Facility.

2.Identify location or preferred branch where you intend to pay and wait for the confirmation from the branch concerned.

3.Proceed to the counter to pay the bills. SM Bills Payment counters are open daily, including holidays and weekends nationwide.


1.Who can avail the SM Bulk Upload (BUP) Facility?

Existing PLDT and SMART customers with bulk transactions may pay their bills through BUP Facility.


2.What is the minimum account to qualify for BUP Facility?

There should be at least 10 billing accounts in a transaction per biller.


3.What are the acceptable modes of payment?

You may pay with either cash or check.


4.Can I pay my bills with different modes of payment?

No. BUP Facility accepts only one mode of payment per transaction.


5.When visiting the counter, do I still have to present printed email confirmation?

No need. A screenshot of the email confirmation will do, together with the payment, but you still need to fill up the usual BPS form found at the counter.


6.Can I combine PLDT and SMART accounts in one transaction?

No. BUP Facility only accepts one biller (either PLDT or Smart) per transaction. If you wish to pay for both, you will have to separate it into two transactions as long as it still qualifies the minimum of 10 billing accounts requirement.


7.Where can I submit my Tax Certificates?

Submit your Withholding Tax Certificate together with details and proof of payment to the following email address:


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