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Gain valuable insights from different thought leaders and technology experts featured in PLDT Enterprise’ events

PH Digicon 2020 | The Language of IMPACT
October 28-31, 2020 | Virtual
Hear straight from PLDT Group Chairman and CEO Manny Pangilinan as he highlights the different forms of IMPACT in the current business landscape.
Keep Moving Forward | Wireless Solutions

August 2020 | Virtual
PLDT Enterprise VP & Head for Wireless Marketing and Infinity Chet Alviz zeroes in on the wireless solutions designed to enable business to Keep Moving Forward.
eNDUSTRY | Online Forum for eHealth

March 2021 | Virtual
Take a look at how the eHealth industry has evolved and emerged anew – adapting to remote work to better provide services to their patients and clients.




Explore the different online events of PLDT Enterprise that are geared towards empowering enterprises of all sizes with tech insights and business strategies

Discover the emergence of eIndustries in this new chapter of business and explore the different digital solutions fit to support the eIndustries’ tech requirements.
TechTalk ON-AIR 2

Discover the best practices of industry leaders in fueling their business’ growth by tackling the development and the presence of e-industries.
The Philippine Digital Convention

Packed with insightful plenary and breakout sessions, the three-day virtual event like no other guides enterprises towards success in facing the new future of work.

Mark your calendars for the upcoming virtual events, which aim to provide businesses of all sizes with the latest updates, featured solutions and strategies from key industry leaders and technology experts. 

TechTalk ON-AIR | Fixed Solutions

April 20, 2021 | Virtual
Learn how you can future-proof your business and fortify its resiliency through a solid reliable foundation powered by PLDT Enterprise’s unmatched fiber network and solutions. 
eNDUSTRY | Online Forum for eRetail
April 2021 | Virtual
Elevate your business’ digital platforms and operations by learning the best practices from leading retail experts.  
eNDUSTRY | Online Forum for eHospitality

April 2021 | Virtual
Discover how the hospitality industry can take their services up a notch for their customers and thrive in this new chapter of business with the latest technologies and solutions.  
eNDUSTRY | Online Forum for eLearning

May 2021 | Virtual
Learn how the academe sector can improve the quality of education for students and enhance efficiencies of the administration and faculty with the new learning management system
TechTalk ON-AIR | Wireless Solutions

June 2021 | Virtual
Discover how businesses can defy limits by enhancing their mobility and flexibility with readily available solutions from Smart--enabling them to work from anywhere.
eNDUSTRY | Online Forum for eGovernment
June 2021 | Virtual
Know more about the various solutions set to support the digital transformation of government agencies and emergence of smart cities which aim to provide better services to citizens.

Watch the different online events on-demand geared towards empowering businesses of all sizes with technology insights and business strategies and relive the key highlights of previous customers by PLDT Enterprise. 

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