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PLDT Enterprise enables Lionheart Farms thru connectivity, digital technologies

PLDT Enterprise is extending its products and digital solutions to Lionheart Farms to help the business streamline its farming operations.

 • Jul 19, 2022

PLDT Enterprise, the B2B arm of the country’s largest fully integrated telecommunications provider PLDT, is extending its products and solutions to Lionheart Farms Philippines Corp. to help the business streamline its farming operations and increase efficiency.

Palawan-based Lionheart Farms signed with PLDT Enterprise in March this year to acquire iGate Premium for stronger and faster internet connectivity and Smart Vehicle Tracker to monitor their trucks, tractors, and service vehicles in its more than 3,500-hectare farms across three municipalities in Palawan.

Moreover, they also availed solutions to empower their employees, including Smart Bizload for the easier management of their monthly budgeted mobile credits, and Maya for the fast disbursement of salaries.

“Technology is a significant component to enable a business that deals with agricultural processes. It helps us to be more efficient in our operations, which in

turn allows us to generate better yields,” said Christian Eyde Moeller, President and Chief Executive Officer of Lionheart Farms.

“We are grateful to PLDT Enterprise for assisting our company as we embrace digital transformation to grow our business. Their products and solutions are essential for us to maximize our productivity by enabling us to automate some of our manual operations in our farms,” Moeller added.

Founded in 2016, Lionheart Farms Philippines Corp. is an agricultural company based in Palawan that cultivates coconut palms to produce different organic coconut products such as flower nectars or syrup, flower sugar, and coconut aminos.

Building everything from the ground up, the company engages in sustainable practices to make an impact in ways that are beneficial for its stakeholders. They find local organic supplies for their bio fertilizer and bio pesticide, while engaging the community and training their employees in the ancient principles of natural farming.

They also blend the culture of the indigenous people with modern management and technology to comply with the highest standards of organic regenerative farming and food safety in their products.

“We in PLDT Enterprise work with businesses in realizing their transformation goals through solutions that create real value in all aspects of their operations. We hope that our solutions would encourage LionHeart Farms to further embrace digital transformation as this will empower their business further and help them achieve exponential growth,” shared Chito Franco, PLDT Enterprise Vice President for Small and MicroBiz.

“PLDT Enterprise is delighted to partner with Lionheart Farms for connectivity and enterprise solutions that will enable them to digitize their processes to boost their operational efficiency. We are here to assist companies like Lionheart Farms that endeavors to evolve by adopting technology amid the changing needs of their business,” Euan Rex Toralballa, Head of SMBiz Regional Luzon at PLDT Enterprise furthered.

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