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5G Frequently Asked Questions

Things you need to know about 5G
What is 5G technology? 
5G technology is the next generation of wireless internet connectivity, offering faster speeds and more reliable internet connections than ever before.
How is 4G different from 5G and what are the benefits?
5G is up to 3x faster than LTE (4G) and has lower latency similar to your fiber internet connection.

Some examples of the benefits of 5G are the following:
What are the best activities that can be used with 5G?
When will Smart 5G become available?
Smart 5G is readily available in various locations and has been rolling out nationwide.
How to Access 5G?
You will need three (3) things:
What areas are Smart 5G covered right now?
Smart 5G network is rolling out in key cities nationwide. Please visit for the list of 5G ready areas.
Where can I get a 5G SIM?
Through Smart Enterprise via New Connect and/or Retention.
Can I still use Smart’s Fastest 4G/LTE network if I avail Smart 5G?
Yes, 5G is backward compatible. You will still be able to use Smart’s fastest 4G/LTE network.
Define what we mean by “Smart-certified 5G device”.
A mobile device like a pocket wifi that has been tested and verified to work with Smart's 5G network.
I bought a 5G mobile phone / 5G pocket wifi abroad. Can I use it in the Philippines and enjoy the benefits of 5G?
Each device may have specific regional versions that may prohibit it from working on the Smart 5G network. Specific to devices bought outside the Philippines, these are designed to work with the telcos of the country from where the device was sold.

For the best experience, we recommend you avail of the 5G -certified devices from Smart.
Will the advanced technology in 5G mean I will consume my plan allocation faster?
It will still depend on your usage. Given the faster speeds, you may be inclined to download more content or stream and watch in Full HD or 4K. This will then consume more data. But browsing the same content and playing the same games should in general consume the same data volume and affect your data allocation in the same way as it was on LTE. The main differences are the faster speed and lower latency will give a better experience in both media streaming and gaming.
How can I speed test my Smart 5G?
Download Ookla Speedtest app in Google Play Store or Apple App Store. However, due to how speed tests are designed to work, running one will consume around 1GB of your data allocation at full 5G speeds.

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