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Edge out competitors by powering your business with a multi-site network solution built for the cloud age.​

PLDT SD-WAN is designed to help you accelerate digital transformation in the cloud age. By applying software-defined technology to WAN connections, multi-branch businesses can be assured of optimal performance despite large geographic distances.

What is SD-WAN?

Who can benefit from SD-WAN?

SD-WAN or software-defined WAN is an innovative network connectivity solution that aims to enhance network resilience and improve application performance across multi-site deployments.  
PLDT SD-WAN is designed for businesses that operate across a network of branches and looking to migrate from the traditional to a hybrid network – making sure that on-premise and cloud applications are accessible anywhere.

Key Benefits

PLDT SD-WAN leverages your existing network resources while elevating your network capabilities.

Rapid Service Deployment

Simplified Platform Management

Seamless Service Delivery

Connect sites in just a matter of days and operationalize new branches immediately with the fastest network deployment on the market.
Enjoy full visibility over your network and manage resources from a central platform.
Leverage on an automated bandwidth allocation system that prioritizes business-critical and real-time applications to ensure service quality. 

Bandwidth Augmentation

Automated Failover

Enhanced Security

Expand the bandwidth capacity of your branches and remote offices with cost-efficient Broadband or LTE aiding your existing MPLS connection.
Ensure service continuity and stay connected, even when your primary connection goes down.
Safeguard direct internet access with an integrated cloud-based web gateway security.

Is SD-WAN right for your business?

Can your current network keep up with the application needs of your business? Gain insights from our partner Cisco©.

PLDT SD-WAN Starter Bundle 

Experience the advantages of SD-WAN with a PLDT Edge device deployed to your site and managed centrally through intelligent controllers—enabling full network visibility and control up to the application layer.

Experience the power of SD-WAN

Learn how PLDT SD-WAN can help grow your business. Schedule a demo with us today!

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