International Private Networking

Link your enterprise to a global network founded on PLDT's fastest and most secure infrastructure

As business standards increase, so do expectations of reach and performance. Access to business information must be fast, secure, cost-effective, and reliable to the millisecond. Be able to connect to international sites via PLDT's extensive data solutions and global Points-Of-Presence in key cities across the globe.

As the partner of choice of most global service providers, PLDT enables them to provide solutions to enterprise clients in the Philippines. And through strategic partnership as well with global providers, PLDT extends its network to more than 170+ countries on 6 continents.

International Private Leased Circuits

A robust point-to-point connectivity solution backed by global service level commitments.

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International VPN

A fully managed converged IP solution for data, voice and multimedia applications using a single IP-based

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International Internet WAN

A global WAN service that gives businesses the security, flexibility and predictability of a private network

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International SD-WAN

Quickly deploy and scale Layer 2 middle-mile connectivity for unpredictable or highly seasonal traffic.

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