VITRO iGate (Dedicated Internet Access)

A peering platform that limits internet traffic within the country and eliminates the need for international hops when the content accessed is hosted locally.

Providing businesses with high-speed internet service

Peered with 8 of the top 10 Global Internet Service Providers, PLDT's iGate connects you to the global market with unmatched internet capacity, extreme performance, reliability and security. Basic access going to the world wide web peered with multiple international telco partners, strategically picked to enhance global content and improve latency. This service is coupled with a Multi Threat Secure (MTS) Service that provides enhanced cyber threat protection to your collocated servers.

Run your business with ease through VITRO iGate

With a stable and guaranteed internet access, you can continue with your daily operations worry-free

High-Speed Performance

Switch to a congestion-free connectivity with the largest domestic network with up to more than 30Tbps operating capacity

Most Reliable Connection

Be confident with PLDT's network of 17 international submarine cable systems and more than 10 Global Internet Exchange Facilities

Secured Internet Availability

Ensure connectivity with the PLDT network and last mile access & network design to meet a service availability of up to 99.6%

Extensive Global Coverage

Connect to the global market such as the United States, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Australia, and Singapore

Entrust your business' internet connection with us

With 8 certifications including UKAS Management Systems and SGS, VITRO iGate stands as one of the most reliable dedicated internet access in the Philippines.

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VITRO iGate offers unparalleled internet services that you can customize depending on your requirements

Standard Features and Add-on Options of VITRO iGate

With PLDT's VITRO iGate, enjoy up to 10Gbps of bandwidth and experience the difference of using Carrier Ethernet & IPv6 enabled network. Customize our service with the extensive list of add-on options to cater to your needs.

Secure your internet access with VITRO iGate

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