Data Center

A suite of solutions that cater to customers’ growing IT outsourcing requirements. Since network is as essential as data center reliability, all VITRO Data Center facilities are designed to be carrier-neutral—allowing other telcos both foreign and local to provide network connections based on customer preference.

Business Continuity

A range of solutions that allows you to safeguard your business' data and operations through data back-up and a secured alternative office space in times of disaster.

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Basic access going to the world wide web peered with multiple international telco partners, strategically picked to enhance global content and improve latency.

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Colocation gives you the superior advantage of robust and world-class facilities, unparalleled performance, and unmatched resiliency of our purpose-built VITRO Data Centers that meet the demands of your business infrastructures.

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Managed Server Hosting

This VITRO service gives you access to the latest technologies available in the market without the need for a high capital investment.

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